SEM image of rock grown by CCell electrolysis
Tech - 24/03/22

Deciphering the wonders of science behind CCell Reefs

A post by our electrochemist Lola Gonzalez on her latest research experience

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Cartoon of a wave breaking over a reef
Tech - 17/03/22
CCell: How we grow reefs

A simple explanation of our top two questions: "Why are you building reefs?" and "How do you do it?"

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A wave breaking over a reef
Tech - 03/03/22
Reefs Vs. Waves

Reefs have been winning the battle against waves for millennia. How do they do it? And how can we, as engineers, replicate their success?

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Successful nature-based coastal protection in Guyana
Environment - 24/05/21
Nature Based Coastal Defence

Nature-based coastal defence systems, including wetlands, reefs and kelp forests are the future of sustainable coastal protection.

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An image of a sargassum covered shorlines with the words Bad smells and biofertilser: Mexico's Seaweed situation superimposed. A CCell Blog Title image.
Environment - 21/08/20
Sargassum: A stinky situation

Along the shores of Mexico, Sargassum seaweed is piling up, bringing with it a bad smell and some interesting opportunities.

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A green patch of desert in Niger with the words Greening the Desert: Africa's Great Green Wall overlaid, title card for a CCell Blog.
Environment - 14/08/20
Life in the Desert: Africa's Great Green Wall

A look at the African Union led Great Green Wall project which is aiming to build the next wonder of the world, one patch of green at a time.

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A healthy coral reef with the words, Hawaii: Route to  reef restoration, overlaid.
Environment - 07/08/20
Hawaii: Route to reef restoration

From out-planted urchins, to sunscreen bans Hawaii is putting the safety of it's coral reefs first…

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Solar Pannels in a field with the words Renewable energy: Poland's Bright Future overlaid. Title card for a CCell blog.
Environment - 31/07/20
Renewable energy: Poland's Bright Future

With an ailing coal industry Poland is turning to renewable energy. Recent renewable developments - from wind farms to electric buses growing in popularity, and could also boost the country's economy. However, there are warnings this may be quite enough to tackle environmental damage.

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An algal lawn on a body of water overlaid with the words
Technology - 24/07/20
Algae: Survival tools and biofuels

From printed coral to hand-me-down algae populations the use of algae for both coral restoration and as an energy source is beginning to be explored.

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