What we do

Growing reefs to protect coastlines and marine habitats

CCell are at the forefront of developing technologies which enable our marine environments to be measured, analysed, and protected. We design and install digitised living reefs that protect coastlines from erosion, restore near-shore marine habitats, and listen to our oceans.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented loss of coastlines and marine biodiversity. Our marine environment and its ecosystems have a profound impact on the planet, yet we know precious little about how our oceans are changing. We are developing techniques to quantify the impact of human activities on marine biodiversity, coastal formations and global warming. We then install infrastructure to help her recover.

Fish above reef Line of installed reefs in water Underside of a reef Reef with person looking through it Rock growing on reef
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Key Products and Services

Transforming coastal protection

Coastal Model
Material Science

Exploring the novel use of materials alongside electrochemistry to deliver carbon neutral and sustainable living reefs.

Structural Mechanics

Developing hyperboloid reef structures with extraordinary strength-to-weight ratios and intricate internal complexity to dampen wave and develop marine habitats.

Fluid Dynamics

Modelling the intricate interaction between ocean waves, currents and reefs structures, to ensure we deliver predictable results at each site.

Digital Power Electronics

Precision control of the marine environment to enhance growth of reef-building organism, alongside 24/7 monitoring of marine life and ecosystem health.

Our Environmental Impact

mm/month of limestone rock

+ 40%

growth rate of calcareous organisms


reduction in CO2


wave energy attenuation


of marine life in reefs



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