Sponsor a coral

Looking for gifts? Birthdays? Congratulations?

We have the perfect gift for any marine-minded individual. From just £20 you can sponsor one of our hatchery-raised corals on its journey back to the sea. These tiny corals take three years to reach maturity before being transplanted onto our reefs. As well as providing a healthy backbone for corals to grow on, our reefs protect coastal communities from erosion.

What do you get? Sponsoring a coral, either in your name or on behalf of someone else, will bag you one of these funky postcards (with a customisable message) along with the location of the coral once it has been planted. You can use the location to view your coral on a GoogleMaps style interface, which will be updated over time, so you can see how your coral is doing.

Post Card with picture of coral

Dear sponsor,

You are now the proud sponsor of a coral! It will be planted on a CCell Reef in Mexico in the coming months and then you will be sent an update to let you see how it is getting along.

Corals are a vital part of the marine ecosystem and the one you have sponsored will help restore one of the most important ecosystems in the world.


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Please note that these corals need time to hatch and be transplanted onto the reef. We are hard at work making their reef as habitable as possible but, this means that there will be limited updates available until April 2021. You will still receive a coral post card and once planted your coral updates will begin.