Marine Ecology

Restoring the Natural Balance to our Oceans

"It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth"
- David Attenborough -
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The interrelationship between marine organisms and their coastal environment is becoming increasingly strained by a combination of climate change and erosion.

Ocean waves and near-shore currents have increased in size and strength, threatening the very existence of many beaches and precious coastal ecosystems.

CCell provides an ecological solution to these challenges, replicating natural coral reefs and enhancing local marine ecosystems.

50% of shallow water reefs lost

60% of the remaining reefs are stressed and 99% are projected to disappear by 2040. This is having a dramatic effect on the marine ecosystem, with the loss of these natural breakwaters driving further coastal erosion.

25% of marine life reliant on coral reefs

One quarter of the worlds marine life either lives on or begins life on a coral reef. They are integral breeding grounds often referred to as the rainforests of the sea.

78% of fish stocks fully exploited

With over 1 billion people globally relying on fish as their main protein source, their exploitation and depletion is a problem that needs a rapid and comprehensive solution.

Our Technology

The CCell Reef has been developed through collaboration with experts in engineering, science and marine biology.

This system seeks to mimic natural reefs to provide similar levels of coastal protection and enhance the marine environment.

In nature this process of accretion can take hundreds of years, while CCell develops a functional reef within a few months. In the right environment this can evolve into a mature coral reef within 36 months.

Community Engagement

The plight of our oceans can only be fully addressed if local communities are involved.

Engagement of local fishing communities and tourists with conservation efforts and education help drive demand for eco-friendly techniques and products. For example, we are already seeing this change with the use of biodegradable fishing nets, reef safe sunscreens and biodegradable plastic alternatives.

Mature Artificial Reef
Our Partners

Leading Expertise

CCell has partnered with leading scientists to enhance the reef and its benefits to the marine environment.

The Living Reef Foundation grows coral in hatcheries from polyps which are then attached to coral reefs, speeding up the development of the coral reef ecosystem.

CSIC are providing support with advanced laboratory facilities and expertise in electrochemistry and electrolysis.

Steel reef
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