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Our mission is to protect beaches from erosion.

CCell Renewables develops technologies for the design, manufacture and installation of beautiful artificial reefs powered by wave and solar energy. We provide coastal protection, while enhancing the marine ecosystem with new coral reefs.

We are now beginning commercialisation, starting with a full-scale validation project at the heart of our target market in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Here we are installing, at full-scale, 200m of artificial reef with support from government agencies (CONANP and SEMARNAT) and Mexico's second largest NGO: Amigos de Sian Ka'an.

For a limited time, you will be able to purchase a stake in CCell for as little as £10, allowing you to share in the success of the business and help shape our future. Any investments will also benefit from a UK government S/EIS tax break.

We will be launching on Crowdcube towards the end of October. Raised funds will support the validation project, continued R&D, and expansion across the Caribbean.

Our approach uses renewable energy, mostly captured from our wave paddles, to drive an electrolysis process which grows artificial reefs. These provide crucial coastal protection from storms, support vulnerable marine ecosystems, and are an ideal foundation for corals. The projects also boost the local economy by providing jobs for the community and promoting eco-tourism.

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Capital At Risk.

Local Team in Mexico
Local Team in Mexico with Dr Will Bateman (Founder).


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Q1. Who can invest?
Anyone and everyone.
Q2. How much can I invest?
Anything from £10 upwards.
Q3. When can I invest?
We aim to open our raise in October 2019.
Q4. How do I invest?
Just visit our crowdcube page when we go live.
For now you can email us at investors@ccell.co.uk or subscribe to recieve updates.
Q5. How much are we asking for?
Our target is to raise £350,000.
Q6. Is the funding S/EIS eligible?
Yes, we are S/EIS eligible.
This means zero CGT and 30% to 50% of your investment back within your annual tax bill.
Early investors can claim the higher 50% through SEIS.
Q7. Why do we need the money?
To fund a full scale validation project at heart our target market in Mexico.
Q8. What are we going to spend the money on?
£100k - Validation project.
Further funds - development of the technologies and process,
sales and marketing, business operations, working capital,
setting up regional subsidiaries, starting in Mexico.