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We are launching a new funding round in the first quarter of 2022.

Over December and early January we will be holding a series of webinars, hosting an open office, and sharing investment material and our deck.

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Our Mission is to combat coastal erosion by working with nature to restore a sustainable balance to coastal environments and bring lasting protection to communities around the world.

Pictures from CCell Team around the world

CCell was founded in 2015 to solve one of the most pressing issues of our time - the devastating loss of coastlines and destruction of our marine life.

We use renewable energy to grow rock from seawater minerals, forming a barrier against erosive waves. These barriers also provide the ideal backbone for corals and oysters, helping them grow 2-3x faster. Our high tech solution will transform coastal protection and enhance marine ecosystems.

A successful funding round back in 2019, where we raised £514k on Crowdcube, allowed us to build and install a full-scale demonstrator reef in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. During this time we have also established key partnerships in the region and a pipeline of qualified leads, while continuing the development of a strong intellectual property.

As we enter 2022, we will be launching a new investment round to drive the next stage of our business development. Raised funds will be used to push CCell’s sales mainly in Mexico and the Caribbean as our first target market and to establish coral hatcheries in the region. This money will also be invested on improving our manufacturing capabilities to drive costs down and expanding the technology around the reef for it to become an autonomous living system.

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Capital At Risk.

Who can invest?
When can I invest?
We are now looking for investment pledges that will kickstart a crowdfunding campaign launching in early 2022.
How do I invest?
Larger investments will be handled directly. Investments below £10,000 will be managed by a crowdfunding platform, either Crowdcube or Seeders.
How much are we asking for?
Our target is to raise between £500k - £1M.
Is the funding EIS eligible?
Yes, we are EIS eligible.
This means zero CGT and 30% of your investment back within your next annual tax bill, plus further tax relief should we lose your money
Why do we need the money?
  • To drive sales in Mexico and the Caribbean.
  • To set up coral hatcheries in the region for coral supply.
  • To invest in equipment to reduce unit costs and speed up reef structure and electronics manufacturing
What are we going to spend the money on?
  • 30% of the funds will be dedicated to consolidating sales efforts in Mexico and the Caribbean. We will enhance networking and global brand recognition, develop overseas connections and install early pilots in new markets.
  • 24% will be spent on Research & Development for patent applications in other regions and to enhance our in-house lab for rock growth and material testing.
  • 24% will allow us to develop specialised tooling for faster and cheaper reef unit production. We will scale-up electronic component production to reduce unit costs.
  • 12% will go to Working Capital. This covers cashflow to support business operations for new client projects, targeting five to ten new projects within the following year.
  • 10% will cover General Operations: Management team, legal fees, accountancy, rent and other overheads.
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