Join the CCell team

Coastal Modeller

We are looking for an outstanding engineer or scientist to help design our next generation coastal models.

Required experience
  • Masters degree in Engineering or Science
  • Prior work-experience in a technical field
  • Experience of numerical software development (ideally in C/C++, Python or R)
  • Experience with CFD, FEM or SPH
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Highly self-motivated
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
Preferred (not essential)
  • PhD in a relevant engineering or physical science field
  • Experience with coastal modelling
  • Experience with web-based technologies
  • Experience developing OpenFOAM models
  • Experience running XBeach
  • Experience running SWAN
  • Experience running Telemac
  • Salary: £36k to £50k
  • Pension: 8% of salary matched by company
  • Share Option: Array of first year salary
  • Holiday: 28 to 30 days (increasing to 34 days. Inclusive of all national holidays)
  • Private medical cover
  • Flexible home working (~2 days per week)

Sending a cover letter and CV to:
London, UK
Company Overview

CCell is a UK start-up offering innovative solutions for coastal protection and the recovery and enhancement of marine ecosystems. We are highly committed to the environment and firmly believe that we must make exceptional and highly competitive products to have the most significant impact. The company's core technology is the installation of artificial reefs around which limestone rock is formed using an electrolytic method to extract natural minerals from seawater. We also develop advanced numerical models to simulate ocean dynamics and structural dynamics.

In 2021 we installed our first full-scale 120-meter long reef in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. We have since installed several smaller systems around the world. These installations provide precious data and experience that we are rapidly incorporating into the reefs being established in 2022 and beyond. This year marks our transition from a proof-of-concept "digital reef", which provides the backbone structure and a digitally connected platform, towards our vision of a "living reef". To help achieve this vision, we are working with coral hatcheries to increase their output, and with universities to design and install sensors to monitor and guide improvements to the ecosystem.

Job Description

We are looking for an engineer or scientist to aid in developing our latest numerical coastal models. These tools are used to optimise reef design and configurations for a particular site while enhancing our understanding of wave-structure interactions. This role will involve a large amount of software development spanning embedded C/C++, to Python or R scripts, through to the development of web interfaces.

Alongside the software development, you will be required to design, prototype, and test reef concepts. You can expect to work in both laboratory facilities (e.g. wave tanks) and in the field (e.g. in Isle of Man, Mexico, Israel). You will be working with all team members and will be reporting directly to the CEO. This role requires a high degree of autonomy, from forming popup teams to address problems, making design decisions, and prototyping and testing ideas.

Given the small size of the team and the diverse nature of our work, you will be required to have strong analytical skills, engineering intuition, and drive to learn and develop constantly. You will receive support from across the company to develop those skills and the products you work on.

Culture Overview

The CCell Renewables group is a relatively small team of highly dedicated and focused engineers and scientists who believe passionately in our mission and goals to restore marine environments and protect coastlines. We all work hard both within our work and in support of each other.