Research Project, Living Reefs Foundation, Bermuda

July 2019

CCell has sent a Smart Power Management system out to Bermuda for a study into the effect of electrolysis on the rates of Coral growth.

CCell has recently been a party to a wonderful case of serendipity. Thanks to a connection with the Fishmonger’s company we have just sent out our Smart Power Management (SPM) system to The Living Reefs foundation. This is a fantastic opportunity for some of the world’s leading experts to study the benefits our system provides to the boulder corals native to Bermuda. It will also give us a chance to optimise the conditions provided by our SPM to grow reefs and benefit corals in the most efficient way possible.

Dr. Samia Sarkis, Founder and Managing Partner at The Living Reefs foundation and adjunct faculty member at BIOS, will be leading a study into the effects that our electrolysis process has on the growth rate of the boulder corals native to Bermuda.The tests will be run in the flumes used by the Living Reefs Foundation to study and grow coral spores as well as out in the sea alongside their Coral Gardens. They will be conducted by a recent graduate of Southampton University, supervised by Samia.

The SPM system is on its way and we are looking forward to getting early results in a few months and hope to extend our work with the Living Reefs Foundation into the future. All of this is possible thanks to the support of the Fishmonger’s Company.

Living Reefs Foundation - Coral Garden Initiative
Living Reefs Foundation - Coral Garden Initiative
CCell Smart Pomer Managment system
CCell Smart Pomer Managment system
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