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By Magda Nawrocka-Weekes on 10/09/2019 in Environment


CCell is setting up a page to help fund relief work for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Work is already underway to restore the lives and livlihoods of victims of Hurricain Dorian. At CCell we are commited to helping those who need us most and this is why we are fundraisng to provide fast, effective, aid.

A submerged car and windswept trees in the wake of Hurricane Dorian with “Give2Bahamas” superimposed.

Give2Bahams: CCell is fundraising for on-the-ground relief work for those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Source: Ramón Espinosa/AP Via The Guardian

What's happening?

We have all seen the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, the total wreckage left in the wake of this category five menace. What is truly striking is the scale of the devastation. Whole areas of the Bahamas are now submerged after 7m storm surges swept through communities on the northern coast. Combine this with the 200mph winds that caused untold damage to predominantly poor neighbourhoods, where wooden shacks are most common. These such dwellings have been flattened, and the true extent of the damage is yet unknown. While only 43 deaths have been reported so far, those on the ground estimate the real death toll being in the thousands.

The Bahamas sustained monumental damage with neighborhood on the northern side submerged by 7m storm surges. Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images Via The Guardian

The Bahamas sustained monumental damage with neighborhood on the northern side submerged by 7m storm surges. Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images Via The Guardian

What is give2bahamas.com?

The sister of our founder and CEO, Will Bateman, has been living in the Bahamas for 6 years years. Sylvia works as a teacher in Lucaya International School and has always been an active member of her community. She was fortunate enough not to be caught in the path of Dorian, but many have not been afforded such a luxury. Upon her return, she oversaw the first flight that brought in insulin, baby food and, sadly, body bags. Sylvia and her colleagues, Dave, Vicki, Luke and Gator, are in a unique position to help; they can react rapidly to the changing needs and immediate requests for help. After being part of the first movement to evacuate critically wounded people, they are now bringing in solar panels, generators and tools. Each of these is key for survivors so they can start to rebuild temporary structures, and coordinate emergency action.

Sylvia has already begun crucial aid work, but she needs money to buy further supplies for this ongoing problem.

Sylvia and Ken bringing their first round of supplies.

CCell has set up give2bahamas.com and our JustGiving page. We are passionate about supporting Sylvia’s on-the-ground work and remaining accountable for every penny spent. This is why we have set up the give2bahamas page. The website will serve as a record of every transaction to ensure transparency. This allows us to guarantee that 100% of all money raised goes towards helping people survive and rebuild.

What next?

Through ongoing aid work, we hope to keep you updated on the situation on the ground in the Bahamas. To be able to see the effect we are having on people’s lives.

We are only just beginning to see the full extent of the damage that climate change can cause. Sadly, those most affected are those who have contributed the least to the problem. Women, people of colour and people living in poverty contribute the least to the pollution of this planet and are the most at risk. They are disproportionately affected by sea-level rises and harmful air pollution, as well as the devastating effects of increasingly severe weather such as Hurricane Dorian. We need continuing support, work for vital infrastructure changes as well as ground-level aid and activism. Through collaboration, charity and community, we will be able to protect those who are most venerable.

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