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CCELL is a marine solutions company that provides coastal protection by growing hi-tech artificial reefs. Using seawater minerals and renewable power, we protect coasts from erosion, enhance the marine ecosystem and promote tourism.

The Problem

More than 70% of global coastlines are being eroded, with climate change a major contributing factor.

Thankfully, coral reefs already provide excellent natural protection for coastal regions. On average they reduce wave heights by 84%. Unfortunately the majority of these reefs have died and 90% are projected to be lost by 2040.

They need our help!

The Solution

CCell was founded in 2015 to solve the devastating destruction of our coral reefs and the coastal erosion that follows.

Using energy from renewable sources and hi-tech digital electronics, CCell have advanced an ingenious technique that engineers an artificial reef by using seawater minerals to grow limestone rock to which corals can be attached.

Our solution is remotely controlled and becomes a haven for marine life.

Our Technology

We design high-tech steel structures that mimic the wave attenuation from natural reefs through both turbulence and wave breaking before they impact the shore.

Our digital system continually monitors the environment and uses a safe current that causes seawater minerals to crystalise into calcium carbonate rock. This forms a structure that mimics natural reefs.

Our solution creates a living reef within a year, that adapts and evolves with time. The reefs can be powered using CCell’s patented wave energy technology, wind, solar or grid power.

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Juan Diaz

Country Manager, Mexico

Sam Udelman

Head of Global Operations

Dr Will Bateman

Sales and CEO

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